Monday, 4 May 2009

Yellow Mellow Monday: window

Window -- a part of the Church and Cloister of Francis of Assisi.



  1. Oh - very pretty! Looks like amber. I bet it gives a great glow when the sun shines thru.

  2. This is a very creative and original representation of yellow. We have a beautiful cathedral here with mosaic throughout, but the windows are traditional stained glass. You've inspired me to check them out for Mellow Yellow possibilities. Thanks.

  3. Hi Pak, thanks for your post on my blog on the Queens day accident! It is true, it is horror. I have been thinking of it all the time the past few days. How horrible it was. It has been an attack ok, on the queen, but it was an attack on everybody. I could have taken my mom to go and wave to the queen, or take my sister and her kids. It could have happened to the mayority of the people, it is such a joyfull event Queens day. And then this.
    But we have to live with it. It has been a lonely frustrated sick person and it was without reason for he had no gun or bomb…. I feel a sadness, and grief. Hate and distruction is a void, an emptyness, it can only exist by destroing what is good, what is created.

    Well life goes on.

  4. Pięknie te promyczki przemykają przez szkiełka! To fascynujące tak zatrzymać chwilę, coś tak ulotnego jak promień słońca:)!

  5. Very nice photo with the amber panes of glass.


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