Saturday, 30 May 2009

Election campaign

Elections to the European Parliament are closer and close. But on streets there are only a few billboards and posters. And not all billboards and posters look well.
Well... Wybory = election. Kredyty = credits. Below: a politician during campaign (in The Silesian Park of Culture and Recreation).


  1. Piszesz, że wybory się zbliżają i są 'closer and closer', w kontekście zdjęć powiedziałabym (jak Alicja z książki Carrolla), że to wszystko jest 'curiouser and curiouser' ;))

  2. Haha, widzę, ze kandydat z pierwszego zdjęcia został wysłany "na drzewo".
    Nienawidzę tych wszystkich wyborów z tylko jednego powodu - żadne komitety wyborcze nie wywiązują się później z OBOWIĄZKU oczyszczania miast z wszystkich plakatów, bilbordów itd. Na jednym z sądeckich osiedli znalazłem niedawno plakacik (w całkiem jeszcze niezłym stanie) z 2003 roku pod tytułem "Razem powiedzmy NIE UE":)

  3. I have always been curious how Political Propaganda is put in other places of the world. Here, it seems to be very messy. They put it in almost every free space near roads or walls, thus making the city uglier.

    (Btw, I got for word verification "schon"... it reminded me of "schön", beautiful in German... and that's the sensation I get sometimes by looking at these blogs).

  4. election time end up clogging all open spaces with posters and signs.

  5. Cristobal:
    Ada wrote about 'curious' campaign. In fact I think that polish parties doesn't treat it serious (this time). Of course, in TV there are many adverts of political parties, but in my neighborhood is 'quiet' (although three parties started their campaigns in our region in my town -- two in the Silesian Park of Culture and Recreation, and one in Chorzów Culture Center). I suppose, they think serious only about election to polish parliament (Sejm). We are in European Union 5 years, but for many Poles (and polish politicians) EU is still something 'foreign'.

  6. I understand... here candidates get restricted adverts on TV, but advertising on radio or the streets... ufff. Even my neighborhood (a neighborhood everyone knows beforehand which party will get elected), it gets flooded with advertising. I won't even mention the Internet... there are even advertisements on popular networking sites like Facebook (I feel like they were spying my account).

  7. A znam tego pana na samym dole ;-D
    Nie wiedziałam, ze promuje piwo i toi-toiki!

    m_m - święte słowa!


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