Friday, 29 May 2009

SkyWatch Friday: airplane, question and answer

Question: How far from me was the airplane on the photo?
Answer: About one mile.
Explanation: As You can see, the airplane belongs to hungarian
airlines WizzAir. WizzAir uses only Airbus A320 airplanes. Airbus A320 is about 37 meters long. The width of the visible area for my camera (for the zoom I used for this photo) is 10 cm in the distance 1 m. It means, that the airplane was about 1650 m from me -- slightly more than 1 mile.

I presented this photo on my blog simply named 'Zdjęcia' (photos) on Sunday... For visitors of the blog one more photo of the sky (from Sunday, it is raining today):
(For more photos of the sky look at SkyWatch Friday.)


  1. How cool is that? very very interesting. And I also love the 2nd pic of the unusual clouds, well done.

    Have a great weekend.
    Regina In Pictures

  2. Great photo of the plane. The sky was so blue that day. Like the cloudy sky too.

  3. Ho ho ho- to już jest wyższa matematyka:), ciekawie to sobie obliczyłeś, wspaniałe drugie zdjęcie, bardzo magiczne.

  4. O rany, matematyka z samego rana ;))
    A zdjęcia przepiękne!!

    Miłego weekendu :)

  5. wow! that was an interesting mathematical lesson and the images are absolutely lovely!

  6. the sun fighting with those clouds! wow

    thanks for your visit and comments and do pop by today too! :) and see the twilight KFC

    ming is back to SDP! :)

  7. Wierze na słowo, hehehe.
    Do WizzAira mam sentyment ;-)

  8. =D Nice photos and an equation lesson to go. I'd never figure that out on my own.

  9. Amazing calculation, but then... I'm a humanist, it's too much Maths for me, hehehehe.

  10. When I was coming home I saw a plane against the blue sky, just like this one, but I had not my camera with me...
    The 2nd shot is gorgeous!


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