Sunday, 10 May 2009

Church in the Silesian Heritage Park

A week ago m_m asked me about a wooden church, partially visible on the photo. The St. Joseph Church (but be careful -- there is another St Joseph Church in Chorzów) was originally built in Nieboczów (in 1791). Below -- interior of the church.


  1. That building has such an interesting shape, so pretty and all the wood inside is amazing. Love it!

  2. Jest piękny! Uwielbiam drewniane kościółki:) Dzięki za piękne zdjęcia!

  3. Hi Pak, a Polish colleague of yours did a posting on these churches as well. I have seen them in Lviv in a national park. Now I know why you also have them. Very interesting churches, very authentical. Some of them were so old you could almost feel the generations of people who worshiped there. Old churches in general envoke this feeling in me, as if the prayers of all these generations and generations of people have socked the walls...
    Regards from Marcel!


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