Friday, 19 June 2009

SkyWatch Friday: trumpet and something for Visitors

From the Post Office in Chorzów Batory.

(For more photos of the sky look at SkyWatch Friday.)

And for Visitors:
Bald Eagle called "Raegan" for Sally (thank You for the award!), Abe Lincoln (as the bird lover!) and all Visitors from USA!
The photo was taken by me on my yesterday's trip. (More photos here!)

For new Visitiors from Brasil -- Cezar and Leia -- agate from Brasil. I've bought this little piece of agate on Sunday. The piece comes from Rio Grande do Sul.

For Dominika -- dinosaurs in Chorzów ZOO (the photo was taken two years ago, I want to visit ZOO this summer). The dinosaurs are 'old' -- there are reconstruction from the 1970s (or even 1960s...):

Yesterday's photos:


    1. an interesting group of photos.

    2. I love the way you have shared all of the photo's, They are all lovely and I'm glad we got to look at them. Thank you!

    3. Beautiful photos. I like how colourful looks the sky there with the trumpet.

    4. I like the eagle flying shot , very nice series of shots. Have a nice weekend and happy skywatching.cheers.


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