Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Inside Assumption of Mary Church

Interior of Assumption of Mary Church in Chorzów Batory. The photo was taken before Easter, so the church is still in the lent decorations. The ropes below celing are installed because of mining damage. The Assumption of Mary Church was built in Gothic Revival style.

And below - tulips for m_m from Nowy Sącz Daily Photo (because of the tulips on this blog). Tulips are blooming on many squares in Chorzów.


  1. I do not know why, but it seems so fitting to feature the church in the same post as the Tulips. Maybe its because of Easter period.

  2. The tulips are especially welcome to me as it is still cold here in Ohio where I live.

  3. Wonderful interior of Mary Church. It's a Gothik main aisle, I think?

  4. Hehe - dziękujemy za dedykację i za kwiaty:)
    Piękne zdjęcia! Wspaniałe jest sklepienie Kościoła - wygląda jak zarys kwiatu:) Wogóle piekne wnętrze!

  5. The tulips are in full bloom where I live, too. :-)

    Nice interior shot of the church.


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