Monday, 13 April 2009

Cemetery on Easter

I promised to MaCobra to show a cemetery in Easter time. This photo was taken on Holy Saturday on new cemetery in Chorzów Batory. I am still surprised by countless Easter decorations on the tombs.


  1. Very interesting. I wonder if they do it since it is the the first holiday after winter?

  2. This is so interesting. Makes one stop and reflect.

  3. Kolorowo:)... jak 1 listopada.:)

  4. Hi Pak, Great to see your picture on the graveyard. I read your comment on one of the pictures. A lot of yellow flowers, I guess that's due to Easter? Amazing. I think, in a way it is more 'natural' to have such a tradion. On the other hand, when you are not used to it, it feels natural to see the dead as gone and the living continue. I don't know.. mortality does holds a fascination on me. Maybe not mortality but more the fact that all we do, see, think is temporal, it begins and ends. I guess that is the reason why we value so many things, due to its temporality, Cheers from Marcel... :)

  5. Marcel:
    Yes, yellow flowers because of Easter.

    B Squared & Marcel:
    I think, people want to meet in the time of holidays (not only Easter, but also on Christmas) not only living friend and relatives, but also dead. Of course they don't believe in real meeting, but they try to do something for them.

  6. I'll bet the cemetary in Augustow was decorated as well. I am so impressed by how many people took the time to bring flowers. Thanks for sharing.


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