Saturday, 21 February 2009

Cross in the snow

Detail of the fence of Saint Hedwig Cemetery.


  1. Wręczam Tobie KREATIV BLOGGER (AWARD)!

  2. Bardzo dziękuję!
    (Dostałem już od Fio, ale nie zdołałem jeszcze skompletować siedmiu blogów do przekazania dalej... Mam trzy :( (Bo i wyeliminowałem te, które już dostały. Widzę, że z dnia na dzień będzie mi trudniej ;) )

  3. great ohoto and I love your park in roses. it is really special. And in answer to your question, yes it is a fancy western costume for this particular event. I will be positing the native Arabian costumes over the next few days and they are really unique and beautiful. Thanks for visiting and viewing the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show series I am posting on my website. People seem to love the Arabian horses.

  4. Great picture, a cross is so simple but powerfull at the same time due to the related meanings and emotions....


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