Saturday, 20 March 2010


The main building of the old hospital (formally: 'Complex of town's hospitals').


  1. Is it still in use? It looks quite old. I wouldn't want to be on that steep roof!

    That was indeed snow in my road picture. There is still snow up on the mountains around town but it will all be melted soon.

  2. Yes, it is still in use. The building is interesting, but not very functional. (I was inside recently...)

  3. Most older buildings, like this one, served a unique purpose in their day but it is hard to retrofit them to work in these times. Often, over here, it is cheaper to build a new one than to rebuild an old one.

    There is great beauty in the old one though.

  4. Stary i piękny budynek! Wspaniała architektura!


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