Saturday, 11 July 2009

An old lithograph (2)

And another old lithograph from the middle of 19th century. I've asked myself, what a part of Chorzów is visible on the lithograph. And I thnik, I know. It is a view form Mount Reden (or Liberation Mount -- it is the mount with St Laurentius Church). You can see the King's Steel Work, and I found on the lithograph St. Elisabeth Church -- You can see it below:


  1. Fascinating!
    I also love seeing historical photos and prints of Manila and comparing them to what I see and know today.

  2. Nice:) Wtedy jeszcze były blisko tereny zielone:)

  3. I remember that for a time, we had on bus stops photos of the same neighborhood but 50-60 years ago.

    I like the country setting of it.

  4. Olá amigo! Gostei muito do teu espaço, tem belas fotos, porém ficaria melhor se colocasses um tradutor.




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