Tuesday, 3 March 2009

(Un)famous blue cloak

On Sunday I've seen many such blue things around the Silesian Stadium, and almost in whole Silesian Culture and Recreation Park. I wonder, what it is. And, yes, now I know! -- Blue cloaks of Ruch Chorzów fans used for local derby (soccer match Ruch Chorzów - Górnik Zabrze, 0:1; 40 000 fans, 13 of them were arrested...).

The local derby was a reason for TV to come to Chorzów.


  1. c'est une nouvelle version du petit poucet ;o)
    Pour répondre a ton passage, le Foot Us n'est pas un sport populaire en France, par exemple il devait avoir 10 spectateurs pour ce match ;o(
    it is a new version of the "o'my Thumb" ;o) To answer has your passage, Football Us is not popular sports in France, for instance he had to have 10 audience as this match ;o(

  2. great shot and interesting about the blue!

  3. Interesting story. Sad to see so much litter in the beautiful park setting.


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