Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Black & White (& Yellow)

Blackbird (common blackbird -- turdus merula) on the snow.

Below: pillar of the building of high school I graduated from (seventeen years ago).


  1. Wow, gorgeous photo! And you graduated from Hogwart school? LOL...17 years, time flies doesn't it? I graduated 24 years ago, yikes!
    You asked about dangerous snakes here in Va in the winter and I'm happy to say that no, the snakes are all hibernating. In the spring we will have to be careful watching out for the Copperhead which is poisonous...I hate snakes!

  2. That yellow beak stands out against the snow!
    Seems the graffiti artist has a sense of humor.

  3. Fantastic contrast on the 1st photo! We have hundreds of them where I live, but no snow at all... :-)

  4. the blackbird pic is outstanding!


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